Main partners

a) Mrs. Clara Blanc
Mrs. Clara Blanc has worked for more than 20 years as a professional teacher at the École hôtelière de Lausanne and is the President of EHL Smile. She has 15 years of experience as General Manager in 2 hotels in Switzerland and used to run similar social projects in Asia and Africa.

b) EHL Smile (
EHL Smile is an association composed of students, alumni and professors of the École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL). Set up in 1996, its mission is to support and develop training programs in the hotel and restaurant industry for young underprivileged people in developing countries. So far it has supported projects in Ethiopia (with the NGO Terre des hommes), Cambodia (with the NGO PSE, Pour un Sourire d’Enfant), Madagascar (with the NGO Avenir Madagascar) and Togo (with an EHL alumni).
Recognized by the EHL (École hôtelière de Lausanne), EHL Smile supports these projects by providing academic help (providing syllabi, contents and support for courses, teaching material), by collecting funds, carrying out market studies and research for collaboration with hotel managers in the countries involved, by training the trainers and providing quality control in order to ensure the sustainability of the school and proposing students during the launching step.
EHL has signed a 2-year partnership with PIMALI on March 13, 2013.

c) Ginox (
Professional Swiss kitchen supplier, Mr. Jérôme Hofer, CEO, has committed himself to offer us the professional kitchen and equipment.

d) AMS – Accounting & Management Services (
Mr. Ralph Challancin, Federal Accounting Expert, CEO of AMS, a company based in Geneva, has accepted to supervise the accounting issues for PIMALI Association in Switzerland.

e) Mr. Jean-Christophe Hadorn
Mr. Hadorn is an engineer, MBA and an expert in renewable energies. Member of boards of energy companies and international consultant, Mr. Hadorn has accepted to be PIMALI’s advisor for any matter regarding the sustainability of the project.


f) Sarnelli Orphanage (
Father Mike Shea, a U.S. citizen, aged 76, has lived in Thailand for 40 years. He created this orphanage in Nong Khai in 2000, which houses today 160 orphans and a staff of 60. Father Mike Shea is supporting our project through his deep knowledge of the region and by providing advice. PIMALI Association will gladly accept from Sarnelli Orphanage proposals of candidates for the training center.

g) Onyx Hospitality Group (
Onyx Hospitality Group, a leader company in hospitality management in Thailand, confirmed its interest in supporting the PIMALI project by offering professional advice for the setting-up stage and by offering internships for students. Onyx Hospitality Group will offer employment opportunities to graduate students, if possible.

h) Tillke & Gibbins (
The board of Tilleke & Gibbins has decided to offer us a 20% discount on all legal issues linked to the PIMALI project during its setting-up stage. PIMALI Association has been in contact with Mr. Don Jones COO and Mr. Kobkit Thienpreecha.

i) Mr. Khun Visut Montriwat
Mr. Khun Visut Montriwat, the brother of a family friend, helps us to set up the Thai Foundation, the school authorization and to buy land or resolve any administrative problem.

j) Volunteers
Mr. Gilles Bondallaz, graphic designer who designed the logo and set up the branding PIMALI; Mr. Stefano Lembo, lawyer and tax advisor at a private bank in Geneva; Mr. Grégoire Mangeat, lawyer, partner at Eversheds Law Firm in Geneva, legal domiciliation of PIMALI Association; Ms. Margaret Hilweg, professional translator at an international pharmaceutical company in Switzerland.