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Mission and objectives of the project

The PIMALI project will offer underprivileged young girsl and boys  a practical and theoretical professional training in hospitality business, in order to increase their chances of getting a job and becoming financially independent.

The objectives of this training program are to:
– give underprivileged young people the possibility to enter the labor market with the help of
professional training, both theoretical and practical, in order to become financially independent;
– guarantee them a stable job;
– reinforce their sense of initiative and responsibility in the professional world;
– focus on hygiene and nutritional aspects which will even improve conditions in family life;
– participate in the country’s economic development by producing qualified labor in the growing
hospitality sector.

How to reach the main goal?

PIMALI will set up a hospitality training center for 25 to 230students, with a professional kitchen, a restaurant of 30 seats and 2 classrooms, as well as 2 hospitality rooms in order to provide night stay for some tourists.
Training will last 11 months followed by an internship of 6 months at a hotel in Thailand.
The practical training will reach international standards in order to meet the growing need of qualified personnel in the Thai hospitality industry.
The project will promote sustainable development in the future through PIMALI’s values of human rights and social responsibility; as for the long-term development, we will focus on ecotourism by working with solar panels, water tanks and other simple modern sustainable technology and – finally – farming in order to be self-sufficient.

Why set up the PIMALI project?

The northeast region of Thailand is the poorest of the country, with many orphanages and poor villages. Poor families have to work in the fields, which reduces school attendance.
The majority of private and public orphanages are located in this region. There is a lack of follow-up of the orphans finishing compulsory school, especially once they have reached their legal majority (18 years old).
Because of the lack of education and the very few possibilities to find a decent job, most young people try to move to cities, therefore increasing their risk of being exploited or forced to join the prostitution labor market.
The conclusion is that there is very little chance for young adults to get a decent job in the region.