Moving to Thailand – 5th of December 2014 and first steps for Pimali Foundation

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We finally moved to Thailand on the 5th of December after quitting both our job.

Our presence on the spot has accelerated developments quite a bit in two weeks. An important step was meeting with the Governor of the Province, who was kind enough to introduce us to his staff and promise us their support. Buying a pick-up truck was the first experience and surprised us as being less onerous in Bangkok than out in the province. Driving North to Nong Khai on the left hand was the next adventure avoiding collisions with buses overtaking both left and right and dodging tires or stray dogs on the road. Sometimes, it was like a video game…

Receipt of the registration for the Thai Foundation PIMALI, allowed us to deposit our request for it tax exemption at the Nong Khai tax authorities. Once granted, we will be able to open an account to transfer donations from Switzerland, ready to start Pimali’s activity.Moving to Thailand








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Meeting with Governor of Nongkhai Khun Suchat Nopphawan and his team

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    November 25, 2015

    I am really respectful to the both of you and all


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