Underprivileged & beneficiaries & orphansTarget population concerned by the project / type and number of beneficiaries

Disadvantaged young women and men coming from families who live in difficult circumstances and have a very low income, as well as orphans in the Nong Khai area. These young people must have reached the age of 17, they must have completed compulsory schooling and be very motivated to work in the hotel industry.

The soft opening of PIMALI started with the training of 6 young people for 5 mont and will be followed by around 30 young people during the first 2 years, before moving on to the second phase, which will allow to train more than 60 young people a year. The second phase can be realized only if the first phase is successful and the required funds are raised.

The young graduates should realize that their training is not free of cost. Therefore a participation in their training is planned, which will amount to 1 months’ earnings during the first 1 year. They will also be asked to come to the center 1 day every year so that they can share their story and tell about their new professional experience to the new students. A mentoring system between former and new students will be set up.>