New supporter and partners

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It is a pleasure to announce that several Swiss foundations have decided to support Pimali: Fondation Nord-Sud (July), Fondation Emilienne Jaton ( September) and Fondation Guy Croisier (October). We are also honoured by the pledge received from the Municipality of Vandoeuvres thanks to Mr. Lorin Voutat, councillor, as well as by the support from the […]

SAVE THE DATE: Pimali Charity evenings 7 & 8th November

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SAVE THE DATE: CHARITY EVENINGS   Pimali est une association à but non lucratif dont le but est d’offrir une formation pratique hôtelière pour les orphelins et jeunes adolescents défavorisés dans la région du Nord-Est de la Thaïlande. Notre objectif est de leur offrir ainsi un avenir professionnel et une indépendance financière. La construction du […]

Nord-Sud foundation

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PIMALI is reallly honored to be supported by a new swiss foundation: Nord-Süd Stiftung has decided to support PIMALI. This donation will allow to start the construction of the hospitality training center in order to start the first session during the second   part of 2015.  

New partner for Pimali Charity Event in November 2014: Fidelity

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PIMALI is very happy to have a new sponsor for the new PIMALI charity events, which will take place on the 7th and 8th of November 2014 in Commugny. We thanks Fidelity for their great support and looking forward to welcome you all at Pimali Charity Event 2014.

EHLSmile Theater

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EHLSmile Theater

April 2014-The PIMALI Association had the place of honour three evenings in a row. The project was introduced to the audience and funds were raised. Three wonderful evenings of smile and laughter with an exceptional theatre group, who worked more than 8 months for the benefit of PIMALI.  

EGC EHLSmile Golf tournament in Vuissens

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EGC EHLSmile Golf tournament in Vuissens

On 3 May, EHLSmile and EGC organized the irannual golf tournament at the  Vuissens Golf, an amazing place. The raffle tickets were sold for the benegit of PIMALI and Stephanie had the opportunity to present PIMALI Association to the audience during this dinner. Pimali would like to thank again these two organizations for their great support.

Giving Women

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Giving Women

PIMALI has just been selected by Giving Women, a network of women involved in philanthropy who together pool their time, knowledge, professional experience, financial means and ideas in order to be more informed and effective givers. They form a bridge between women in need of support and women in a position to support them. The […]

EHLsmile Golf Tournament 2013 in Golf de Beaumont

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EHLsmile Golf Tournament 2013 in Golf de Beaumont

April 2013, such a great event from the EHL organization. The EHLsmile organized a wonderful golf tournament and all the raffle proceeds were donated to the PIMALI Association. EHLsmile will therefor offer all the housekeeping material to the PIMALI Association.