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Association in Switzerland

The PIMALI Association was created/founded in January 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland to offer professional and practical hospitality training to underprivileged young Thai living in the Nong Khai region, and to give them the opportunity for a professional future and financial independence.

Thai Foundation

A Thai Foundation has been settled in NongKhai, Thailand, in October 2014. The registration number is 0-993000332229.


No religion, no politics and no exclusivity

“Treat the other as you wish to be treated”



Stéphanie des Arts-Loup, 45, has dual Thai and Swiss nationality. A fluent Thai speaker, Stéphanie was educated in Switzerland but now lives in Thailand and works full time for PIMALI. Stéphanie is a qualified and registered dietician (Swiss Red Cross) and holds a Swiss Federal Diploma in Marketing. Having begun her career as a Brand Manager in the chocolate industry, Stéphanie was Director of International Marketing and Communication at a Geneva watch brand. She was then a member of the management team of a five star hotel in Switzerland. She also lead Public Relations and Events at a top range watch retailer in Geneva.

Alexandre des Arts, 48, has dual Swiss and German nationality. He has obtained a Master’s degree in Law and an Executive MBA. After working in a bank in Geneva, Alexandre founded his own event company. As General Manager, he then directed a brand for L’Oréal, before developing an international franchise network. Alexandre currently works full time for the PIMALI project in Thailand.


The training center is located in north-eastern Thailand, in the Nong Khai region, a few kilometers from the border with Laos, close to the Mekong river. The exact location is Ban Kok Khong, Amphor Muang Nong khai – 43000 Nong Khai.

Nong Khai is located next to the poorest regions in Thailand and has very few vocational schools, especially for girls. Once they have completed compulsory school, the disadvantaged young Thai or orphans of the region start working in the fields or leave for the big cities in search of work. Because of their lack of educational qualification, these young people very often end up being exploited or having to resort to prostitution in order to survive.

On the other hand, tourism remains a steadily growing industry in Thailand and a qualified workforce with English language skills is constantly sought.

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